Readers respond to Michele Bachmann comix


Everybody's favorite psychotic finally gets the recognition she deserves. The new Mother Goose: "Mommy, there's a Bachmann under my bed."

Comment by glblaqk
from North prairie

Excellent artwork. Reminds me of the Furry Freak Bros. of my youth. Can't wait for City Pages to team up with Al Franken and take on Bill O., Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the rest of their ilk. It certainly has the potential to be broadened out to a Pogo-like comic-book series. (There are enough characters on the right for an encyclopedia of misadministration, and Franken has the material to fill it out and give it depth). Good luck, and much success.

Comment by craig
from Arcata

Brilliant comic! It captures the embarrassment to Minnesota, Michele Bachmann, brilliantly.

Comment by Eva Young
from Minneapolis

It's about time. Brilliant—just brilliant.

Comment by The Boogle
from Minneapolis

Yes, great. More like this. Recalls Zap Comix of the '60s. Her striking looks get your attention, but she is mad as a hatter.

Comment by Tosh
from New Alexandria

Freedom of the press at its best. Keep it up!

Comment by Clair
from Minneapolis

I don't see anything "extreme" about her comments. I see someone who is concerned for the well-being of individuals and not the government, which wants total control of every aspect of your life. I voted for Bachmann, and will again. Wasn't it Hillary Clinton who said that it's our patriotic right to question the government? Or does that only apply when a Republican is in office?

Comment by Joe
from St. Paul

Another issue of City Pages, another short-sighted attempt to impugn the character and reputation of Michele Bachmann, repeatedly calling her an "extremist," a laughable ploy considering a quote from Thomas Jefferson that CP apparently found acceptable, though he too would be an extremist in their eyes. In doing all of this, CP has dived into the deep end of the poisonous pool of "reasonable," "common-sense," and "mainstream" thinking...the pernicious wool so often pulled over the eyes of a too easily fooled public more concerned with who won American Idol the previous night.

Comment by Matt Rothchild
from Little Canada

There is nothing "mainstream" about CP, and it's not supposed to be. I know I sound like a broken record, but what part of "alternative weekly" do some conservatives not understand? Sheesh.

Comment by Helm Matthews

If the GOP wants Bachmann to be their standard bearer, I say more power to them. If the commenters on this page don't understand the difference between reasonable criticisms of the government and making baseless accusations, then they are being willfully obtuse.

Do you really believe Obama is a Socialist? Do you even know the definition of the word? Grow up, for the love of God.

Comment by MikeG
from St Paul

I wouldn't worry too much about loonies like MB or any of the other regurgitators of fear-mongering rhetoric (Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Gingrich, Cheney, Rove, et al.). They are simply a noisy minority; to paraphrase Shakespeare, "they are but poor players who strut and fret their hour upon the stage and then are heard no more: tales told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

These people are a sideshow, a train wreck. To be perfectly honest, I look forward to the next ridiculous thing MB says or does because with every bizarre comment more and more moderate Republicans (who don't even live in Minnesota) become so appalled at these self-appointed GOP spokespeople that they migrate away from the party.

Comment by Alex A
from Chaska

MB is taking the GOP ball and running far, far away with it. It's fun to watch the conservative lemmings follow her to their party's grave. Bye-bye, obsolete Republican Party!

Comment by EvrythngInModeration

She makes Zippy the Pinhead look like Albert Einstein. What has that broad been smoking? Wisco rolled-up LSD stamps?

Comment by keep on truckin' mud duck
from Springfield