Readers respond to "Guantánamo's Final Days"

Gitmo's Goodbye

I wanted to say that Omar Khadr shouldn't be at Guantanamo to begin with. He should be back here in Canada. The people who are slandering him should be behind bars. The real terrorists are the American government who supported the Taliban in the 1980s and gave them arms and anything else they needed. The Canadian government is no better since they've got troops in Afghanstan. There is no one at Guantanamo that can get a fair trial. The sooner that place is closed down the better.

Stan Squires
Vancouver, Canada

Gitmo should stay open

What happened in the '80s is done. The problem is today. Regardless of your pussy, PC thoughts about Gitmo, it is a necessity. Those quacks are terrorists. They want to kill you, if you are not Muslim. That is the bottom line. If they are allowed to roam free, they kill innocents everywhere that they consider to be non-Muslim or Western. Don't be a tree-hugging jackass. This is the truth about today, now. Westerners, non-Muslims need to protect themselves from these completely radical Muslims. They give good Muslims a bad rap, and that is incredibly sad. But, you, Stan Squires from Vancouver, Canada, you need to pull your head out of your ass and see the world for what it is today. Gitmo should not be closed. That's the single most moronic thing the Obama administration has done. What the hell do we do with those men whom we know to be terrorists and who will most certainly, based on numbers and fact, go out and kill innocent people again? Don't be an idiot, Stan.


Blame Canada

No, the kid should not be freed or sent back to Canada—he should fulfill his dream of being a suicide bomber and we should hook him up to a missile and fire it at his family!

These men are gonna come out even more radical—I like Obama but he needs to reevaluate what he is gonna do with the terrorists...not just release them.

St. Paul

Obama is Bush lite

Guys, nice fictional story. Barack Hussein Obama is not only keeping Gitmo open, he is expending the "war on terror" and plans to keep additional prisoners. I hope all you useful idiots who voted for BHO are wondering what the hell happened to "Hope" and "Change." Lenin had a special place in his heart for idiots like you.


The grass is always greener

Give me a break; one has to look at more than just the unemployment rate to compare the health of the Minnesota job market to that of our neighboring Midwestern states ("No Job for You," 2/18/09). The median household income in Minnesota is $55,082, well above that of the U.S. as a whole at $50,740. Wisconsin ($50,578), Montana ($43,531), North Dakota ($43,753), and South Dakota ($43,424) all fall short of both Minnesota and the U.S. as a whole. Many of our neighboring states are primarily rural places where many employers specifically choose to locate when they are looking for a less mobile (captive) and lower wage (grateful) work force. This is why Toyota chose to open a plant in Kentucky ($40,267). The median household income in South Dakota is 21 percent less than the median household income in Minnesota. I can't speak for everyone, but I would trade any job with a 4 in 100 chance of being unemployed in a year for another with a 21 percent increase in pay and an 8 in 100 chance of being unemployed in a year. So would many of our wonderful Midwestern neighbors.

Tina L

Dare accepted

I, too, lament the passing of This Modern World from the City Pages; it was always the first thing I looked at after the front cover. However, we faithful do have alternatives if we desire our weekly fix to continue. Just use your browser and go to There you will be directed to Salon or Credo for the latest and past cartoons. PS: City Pages, I dare you to print this.

Jim B

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