Readers respond to "Fletcher's Gang"

Fletcher just doesn't seem like the type of sheriff that Ramsey County needs.

Comment by jack ryan
from St. Paul

A correction to one paragraph from the article:

"Recognizing the political realities of Ramsey County, both Fletcher and Bennett ran as Democrats. But for Bennett, it was a harder sell: This was a guy who'd been an Independent-Republican as a state representative, and whom George H.W. Bush had tapped for the U.S. Marshall post."

Bennett and Fletcher did not run "as Democrats" in that election. There was a Democratic candidate, Jim Daly, who was eliminated in the primary. The ballot is officially nonpartisan.

Further, Fletcher has as many Republican ties as Bennett did. Fletcher was endorsed by the Republican Party in both of his successful campaigns for city council and his unsuccessful campaign for state Senate against John Marty. He also ran as a Republican for the mayor's office.

Good article.

Comment by Cloris Asner
from Gem Lake

It is about time someone wrote something; it seems like our top law enforcement officials act as if they can do no wrong. Between Fletcher and the Hennepin County sheriff, they seem corrupt at the worst and at least arrogant, vindictive, and petty. This is the best we can do as the supposed "leaders" of law enforcement? Shame on them and us for voting them in over and over again.

Comment by Chris
from White Bear Lake

CON job

I wouldn't be a geek if I didn't argue pointless stuff:

The room with the '80s furniture and Connect Four/Guess Who? is actually COF2E2, the convention's free 24/7 espresso shop for registered attendees, and not Krushenko's as written in the article ("Fear and Loathing in Middle Earth," 7/8/09). Krushenko's is next door and is a different area entirely with lots of cool stuff but no Guess Who or caffeine.

I was about to get all mothers stole our Connect Four! until I realized that the article just used the wrong department name.

Comment by Laurie, co-head, COF2E2
from Minneapolis

There's only a brief mention of the panels and gaming that go on at CONvergence, which far outnumber the parties in terms of hours of operation and attendance.

How about talking about the cast of MST3K being there? Guests of honor doing readings of their works? The facades and activities? The live music, games, fashion shows, costume contest? The freakin' planetarium!?!

Did you do anything but chase sci-fi hotties and drink?

This article sounds like the kind of attendee this con is not meant for, and that isn't wanted there.

We want the geeks, not the drunks.

Comment by 11 year congoer
from Minneapolis

There are a lot of people who go to CONvergence strictly for the parties—they're the only part of the convention that's mostly free (some parties are paid for by attendees, and are therefore restricted to paid attendees). And for some, they're the only thing that matters.

Given how the convention promotes the parties front and center, and how they're the best-known feature of it, I'm not surprised that the article is mostly about the parties.

Comment by Slartibartfast

The TiZA Tizzy

Regarding "Holy War," 7/1/09: Something tells me the O'Reilly who lambasts the ACLU regularly wouldn't have a problem with their incompetence in this situation.

Comment by Taj Ashaheed
from Denver

Wow! Katherine Kersten "stalks"; the Minnesota ACLU conducts a "painstaking investigation." In previous articles, City Pages has used words like "jihad" and "crusade" to describe her pursuing this issue. I'm curious: Why aren't you using these same terms to refer to the ACLU?

I disagree with 95 percent of what Kersten stands for, but she may have been right in this case. Your story should have included how City Pages had previously dealt with the story.

Comment by Chuck
from Minneapolis

I disagree with myself. City Pages didn't use the word "crusade." My mistake. Try "smear campaign" instead. Same question: Why isn't the Minnesota ACLU engaged in a smear campaign?

Comment by Chuck
from Minneapolis

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