Readers respond to "Fallen Angel"


Wow...when I clicked the link to this story I thought I was going to, site of the Pioneer Press. After reading only a few sentences I realized I wasn't there. I was actually reading some real reporting! Good job on a fascinating story written brilliantly.

Comment by Terry
from St. Paul

Dear Joe,

Yes, that was your mistake: You loved your kids too much. The truth is, and I know this firsthand, you are a thug. You have never been anything more. I remember when you were a punk kid so thrilled to terrorize. Now you are stuck in the prison you have created. The only shame is that someday we will be footing the bill for your new home, a real prison. It's where you belong.

Comment by Anon
from Minneapolis

This is little Joe's sister-in-law, and I don't know this little Joe you talk about; he has been nothing but nice and polite to me, my mom, and my bother. He has his issues, but we all do, and I know he loves my nephews and my sister more than anything and I strongly believe he's just a product of his environment and his image of right and wrong has strongly been misled. I'm not saying that he hasn't done anything wrong because I know he has, but nobody should be judged until you walk a mile in their shoes.

Comment by Ruth

Three things are not long hidden: the moon, the sun and the truth. Good riddance to bad rubbish! "You know?"

Comment by
North Mpls Resident

Big Joe, you should be ashamed of yourself. Those boys never had a chance—if you truly loved those boys so much you would never have exposed them to the lifestyle that you did. How did you expect things to go? The only sad thing is that Jon was taken from us way too soon, and even sadder than that is that little Joe is sitting in jail and you're not. I wonder where the system was when those boys were left with you to raise. And really, Colleen, I am sorry but I do not care how bad things got, I would die before I would leave my children to be raised with him. You too should be ashamed!

Comment by ???

"You know what, I don't feel ashamed of anything I've done in my life. You know what I mean? If I did it all over again, I'd do it the same damn way. You know?"

Spoken like a true psychopath. This guy is where he needs to be, and has to stay there. And, for the love of God, women who fall prey to these men really need to use birth control.

Comment by concerned

Dead or in prison. Sounds about right for this family of lowlife losers. Good job to the Minneapolis Police, FBI, and IRS for putting these scumbags where they belong.

The article was truly well written and entertaining, though. I hate to admit that I was laughing at others' misfortune, but I had an incredulous smile on my face the entire time I was reading. These Gustafsons are obviously just such a bunch of idiots! Thanks, City Pages!

Comment by ???

I think these thugs will get their just rewards. "You know what I mean?" I think these a-holes will die in prison. "You know what I mean?"

Comment by Goofball
from St. Paul

"White trash" is all I have to say. Education is very important. I am guessing that most of you writing your comments have not had one.

What goes around comes around, and they are finally getting there's [sic].

Comment by Jennifer
from Brooklyn Center

Yes, Jennifer, an education is very important. I can see you are in need of some. I believe the proper grammar is theirs, not there's, which is used for "there is."

Comment by JustSaying
from Minneapolis

Lol, you're right, I got the "there" right as I was clicking submit...I was too busy laughing and feeling a little sad for all the losers that had anything to do with them I had a lapse in proper grammar! Thank you for making the correction. I don't think they are getting away with anything this time.

And if they do somehow skate by...they have shown everyone what losers they really are.

Thank you again for the correction.

Comment by Jennifer
from Brooklyn Center

They only stole from drug dealers and druggies because they couldn't tell on them.

Comment by T
from Minneapolis