Readers respond to "Craigslist Declassified"


Craig can't protect you

To me it seems that parents, brothers, and elders need to provide some protection and guidance to young women. Is it too much to ask that when the lady is going for job interviews, even for baby-sitting, someone go with her?

Why is it this other lady can advertise for prostitution and her parents are out of the loop completely? Although no parents can take care of a 26-year-old independent women.

The gay guy who got killed was crazy and his killer was crazy. Not that he deserved to die but still, asking evil to come inside your home is basically asking for Satan to come and stay a while. Which Satan did promptly.

Via internet

Vice City

Hey look, I'm a liberal Democrat. But Jesus, Craigslist is a vice nightmare if you ask me. It's a veiled prostitution network in the easiest fashion.

I'm all for freedom and less government intrusion—economic and social. But why open up areas for predators and scum to prey easily on our sons and daughters?

It could happen to you. Someone wants to get a job and they post on a supposedly advertised cool site, and little did they know it's a hotbed for the movie Seven-type debauchery? Think about it.

I'm not pleading for government regulation of the 'net, by no means. I'm just asking for the public and media to point fingers at Craigslist, at least to scare the shit out of other non-regulated classified websites that hide behind respectability.

Freedom is awesome. Scumbags are not. Activate yourself before the government does. If we nip it in the bud then there are no laws enacted restricting our freedom. Attack these prostitution websites now way before the government does. Mobilize.

"Travis Bickle"

Friends of Katherine

Katherine Anne Olson, whom we called K.O., was one of the first people I met at college. What you call a gory story, I call a murdered friend and teammate. I could write about how horrible it has been for everyone who loves her (and there are a lot of us) or how awful it is to see the same old A.P. photos in the news more than a year after her murder. It's not about me, though, and I want K.O. to be a person more than a story. So, respectfully, I'd like to submit a postscript to your piece:

K.O. liked to wear purple sunglasses and a leather jacket in combination or separately. She liked her half-sized Oreo milkshake extra thick with extra whipped cream. Katherine was one of the best team members and (later) fans that St. Olaf Women's Cross Country could have asked for. She had every reason to believe that she would save the world.

She loved this:

"I can make all things well,
I know how to make all things well,
I desire to make all things well,
I will make all things well.
And you will see with your own eyes
that every kind of thing will be well."
—Julian of Norwich

Thank you for your time.

S.K. Estill
Boulder, Colorado

Hell's Kitchen responds

I was bemused and dismayed to see your "Diner from Hell" letter of May 6, which was riddled with grammatical, as well as factual, errors. In spite of our Mr. Joshawa's impressive Cordon Bleu training, there are several points that are simply incorrect.

First, he refers to our Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich as too hot to handle..."flaming" was his description. We'd be happy to call it a Flaming Pulled Pork Barbeque Sandwich—hell, we'd probably sell a lot more!—but that would be misleading; we've served over 7,600 of these sandwiches since opening more than seven years ago, and he's the first to complain that they were too hot. A nice kick, yes, that's why it's so popular. But "flaming"? I think not.

Wanting to please, his server then offered to replace the "flames" with another entrée. So Mr. Joshawa ordered our cornmeal waffle, and then complained yet again, because it included—hold your hats—cornmeal! Yep, we're confused, too, especially because our menu reads, "Cornmeal Waffle. A plate-sized homemade waffle with a cornmeal-based batter, served with pure maple syrup. $4.75. Add fresh seasonal berries for $1.95."

To add to this, I consulted dozens of cookbooks, dictionaries, and encyclopedias, and found there is no strict set of ingredients for "Belgian waffles." Recipes vary to achieve similar ends. No less than for, say, macaroni and cheese. Joshawa, they're called "Cornmeal Waffles" on our menu.

And here's the kicker. If we are to take our culinary-school critic at his word, he never even tasted the foods mentioned. He's writing about another person's experience! Would City Pages allow Rachel Hutton to post a review without having ever visited the restaurant?

Hell's Kitchen takes its business seriously, and I personally respond to any customer complaints in a heartfelt manner that has generated exceptional loyalty. I'm not sure what this person's hidden agenda is (perhaps he's upset that he wasn't hired), but I am appreciative of the chance to correct his blatant errors with this response.

Mitch Omer, chef/owner, Hell's Kitchen