Readers respond to Best of the Twin Cities 2009


Bachmann fan club: CP doesn't speak for me

After seeing your "Best of" clips on Fox9 this morning, I had to write in. I listened to an interview of someone from City Pages and was pissed when he said the best villain was Michele Bachmann. He then said that everybody has come to dislike her. My point of contention is this: He does not speak for me. I am happy to have someone like Bachmann in office. She looks to maintain our country as it was intended without bowing to foreign leaders or apologizing for our way of life. Your rag is a leftist propaganda tool. Do not include me in determining how the "public" feels. I will be letting all colleagues know not to pick up your paper in the future.

[email protected]

Alix Kendall fan club: CP speaks for me

Alix Kendall as best newscaster in the Twin Cities? Amen! Finally a little respect for the poor man's Katie Couric. I heart AK.

Timmy S.

The wrestler speaks for himself

Yaybo! This is Terrance Griep—a.k.a. professional wrestler Tommy "The SpiderBaby" Saturday—a-checkin' in. This is just a quick note to thank you for the Best Wrestler award. Professional wrestling isn't really about body slams and head locks, it's about connecting to people. And I'm so glad to have connected to City Pages! Thanks again!

Terrance Griep

Diner from Hell

After visiting Hell's Kitchen, me and another guest ordered a pulled pork sandwich. The menu never indicated that it was flamin'. After my guest returned it and ordered a Belgian waffle, it arrived mixed with corn meal. This is not a true Belgian waffle. After emailing the owner, I was told that I didn't know what I was talking about, and investigated my culinary experience, once I explained that after LeCordonBleu training, told him that a Belgian waffle doesn't have corn meal, he told me that I wasn't the brightest bulb on the tree. You look it up. This owner needs to treat his customers with respect.


You're right, we goofed

While it is a great place to drink beer, the Happy Gnome is definitely not a brewpub. Brewpubs, by definition, brew. Examples of great local brewpubs are Town Hall Brewery, Barley John's, the Herkimer, and Great Waters Brewing Co.

Ryan Shea
St Paul

Trans community speaks out

We are writing this letter in regards to the article "Age of Consent: How Young Is Too Young for a Sex Change?" We are people who identify as transgender or as allies of the transgender community. We have spent several weeks trying to decide how to respond to this article, and feel that allowing ourselves time and space to feel angry, hurt, outraged, and taken advantage of has given us a more clear perspective. While the attempt to write an article about the trans community was appreciated, and though the intention may have been positive, you must understand the effects of writing articles like this one. Individuals, their lives, their jobs, their relationships, and their individual safety have been put at risk by exposing their most intimate stories and experiences so publicly. This article has given misinformation about our community. It has sexualized and sensationalized our bodies and spoken very little of our lives.

This article describes portions of stories folks have shared with you in the hopes that they could help educate an uninformed public. When we are talked about as though we have a "disorder," and are "suffering from a condition," we become a community that is viewed as though something is "wrong" with us. This is false. Every person defines "transgender" differently. Not all transgender people are uncomfortable in their physical bodies. Not every transgender person will decide to take hormones or have surgery. Our bodies are our own. When the focus is about describing how we look, or what genitalia is under our clothing, we become sexualized, sensationalized, and dehumanized. It is completely inappropriate and offensive to ask us about what body parts we do or do not have. You would not ask others these questions and very likely would feel uncomfortable or violated if they were asked of you.

By freely switching between birth names and pronouns and the names and pronouns we have claimed for ourselves, the importance of our process and our dignity is taken away. It dishonors our lives, our stories, and the ways that we identify our gender identities and expressions.

We invite you to research our community, to honor our lives and our stories, and to present another article to the public, one that gives information that encompasses our community as a whole. We are open to helping you continue to educate and enlighten your staff, and we hope that we can work together in this process.

Liam Daniel LeMay, Julian Tyler Siwek, Ryan Li Dahlstrom, Amy Marsicano, Nancy Pomplun, Owen Marciano, Amanda Spencer, Deb & Bill LeMay, Patrick Schreier, Sue Smith-Grier, Claire Todd, Raquel (Rocki) Simoes