Readers respond to "All God's Children"

Gay Prayers Answered

Thank you so very much for this article ("All God's Children," 7/16/08). I was deeply moved by how carefully and intuitively your paper addressed this issue. I am a student at Luther and three of the four people you talked to are friends of mine. You told their stories very well, and I very much appreciated how you avoided the temptation to vilify the church. This is a contentious issue for our church body still, but the way you treated this put love (both the kind that defines our personal lives and our professional lives) at the forefront. I am just proud that people around the Twin Cities will be able to read such an informative, caring treatment of a painful issue. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anna Marsh St. Paul

Converted to gay pride

Thanks for this article. As a lifelong Lutheran I have gone through a long process of evolution and education to arrive at where I stand on this topic—which is 180 degrees from where I started. I stand with these women and men and believe they have every right to be ordained—more right than some non-gay pastors who have been spreading a gospel of exclusion rather than inclusion. Jesus came to call all people to him, he didn't discriminate...why should the church?

Linnea J. Hoff Minneapolis

Gay-friendly but not gay church

Thank you for taking up the complex issue of the challenges faced by gays and lesbians and the Lutheran Church in a thoughtful, sensitive article. I regret, however, your characterization of Mount Olive as a "gay church," and the distorted description of those of us who fill its pews. Yes, we are blessed with many gay members, who worship next to young heterosexual couples with young children, folks like myself and my wife who are heterosexual though no longer young, and seniors who have worshiped at Mount Olive most of their lives. Mount Olive is a very diverse congregation whose members are there for the primary purpose of being fed spiritually through worship and ministry. The writer's one-dimensional portrayal of us was inaccurate.

Art Halbardier Eden Prairie

Corn as gas-guzzler

I believe your characterization of the ethanol "solution" in Brazil was inexcusably one-sided ("Where Ethanol Is King," 7/16/08). A picture is painted of a cheap, efficient, green alternative to gasoline, and happy Brazilians using smart economics to pick whichever happens to be cheaper at the time.

What you failed to mention is that it takes almost a gallon of oil to produce a gallon of ethanol. The corn must be fertilized, harvested, moved, heavily processed, and moved again before it is ready to be purchased at the pump.

If we start using more ethanol than gas because it's cheaper, we're arguably doing more damage to the environment than we would just using plain old gas.

Jason Herrboldt Minneapolis

Key point: U.S. ain't Brazil

The article, which suggests that the U.S. can emulate Brazil and run on biofuels, misses the major point that Brazil uses less than 1/10th the liquid fuel of the U.S. We just don't have enough land and the climate isn't sub-tropical. These fuels may be good business for farmers, but they are only one part of the answer. I'm afraid we have to look at using coal-to-liquid, a proven technology that can produce liquid fuel at about $60 per barrel. And solve the added CO2 problem using a process called geoengineering, which can stop global warming in short order. Google "climate change geoengineering." You'll find it's real—endorsed by the president of the National Academy of Sciences among many prominent scientists over the last 30 years for study and deployment as needed.

Sol Shapiro Aurora, Colorado

No more Tomorrows?

Ouch. Say it ain't so. Did Tom Tomorrow resign, get fired, run out of ideas due to the lame duck (yeah, right), or is he simply on vacation? That cartoon was one of the main reasons I'd pick up your rag every week. His commentary, on the current administration and the echo chamber that is talk radio and Fox news, provided an insightful dose of humor surrounding the actions of these clowns. Makes the crap being shelled out by these anti-Americans go down easier.

Chris Weber Minneapolis

Editor's note: You can find Tom Tomorrow at his new home on our Blotter page.

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