Readers respond to "Age of Consent"

I, too, am transgender and have worked with transgender youth, but I am simply not buying the Sarah/Steven story. I'm beginning to think that a good deal of what City Pages prints lately is fiction. Either your writers are making it up or they are suckers for the tall tales of others.

Comment by Randall
from Minneapolis

The article was good, but seemed a little disjointed considering the title. The author could have brought up the fact that the Dutch gender program for kids, the oldest in the world, has never had a child/adult change their mind. A young child may do so, but by age 12 to 13 these kids know who they are. One of my online friends is a woman who was able to start transition when she was 13! She was very lucky to have supportive parents back in the early '90s.

One thing that detracted from the article was Dr. Paul McHugh. Why do people use this man as a source? He is not a gender expert. He is a conservative Catholic pushing a dogmatic, religious agenda. The man doesn't even know that chromosomes don't determine gender. XX=female and XY=male about 98 percent of the time, but what about those other 2 percent, the people born intersex or transsexual? What about the millions of women born with AIS (androgen insensitivity syndrome)? They have XY chromosomes and they are definitely female. There are also some men who are XX; it's true! And there are dozens of other intersex conditions. But McHugh doesn't want you to know that. It would undermine his credibility with you.

Gender identity is inborn and unchangeable. And McHugh should know this because he witnessed Dr. Money's flawed theories (that we are born as blank slates) destroyed while he was at Johns Hopkins. But he doesn't want you to know that, either. There is much more to sex and gender than you know. A brief summary of transsexualism and how it happens can be found here: Nobody chooses to be transgender or transsexual, they are born that way.

Comment by xrk9854
from Derry

I'm 55 and have been transgender all of my life, but did not have the knowledge or access to information people have now. I can't express the mental anguish I have been through—I can just say you know you are transgender when you are born. I think early-age change is the right direction, otherwise you miss out on everything by growing up, and also living, the wrong gender. Like many other transgender people, I can't explain it—it is just something you know. I grew up in a very, very small religious mountain town in the South, yet I always knew, certainly with no influences.

Comment by TimD
from New York

Commenter #1: The reason you find the Steven story hard to believe despite having worked with transgender youth is that the transgender youth of the queer community and people like Steven are people of an entirely different sexual nature who are conflated as one by gay media-watchdog groups such as GLAAD.

People like Steven are psychosexual inverts. When they are sexually aroused, they see themselves sexually behaving as a heterosexual of the gender they identify with exclusively. Such people will always be at least technically virgins until surgery is performed due to this brain-to-genital disjunction.

Psychosexual invert transsexuals also sociosexually peer-relate on an emotional and social level to other heterosexuals of the gender they identify with exclusively.

These people rarely associate with LGBT people to a greater extent than most other heterosexuals. These people are usually short-term transients passing through the queer community at best when they first transition, if they are ever part of the LGBT community, which they usually never are.

This is different from the queer community transgenders who identify as the oxymoronic non-op transsexual. These people are either psychosexual males who live simultaneously as women and sexually active males, or dual-identify with men and lesbians and sociosexually peer-relate on an emotional and often social level with butch lesbians rather than heterosexual men. Some of these people end up getting genital surgery anyway yet still work mentally the way they always have.

Comment by MelissaG
from Vancouver, Washington

Forcing a transsexual person who wants to transition to wait through puberty—forcing them to become a person of the wrong sex—is nothing but cruelty, and adds expense and pain to the transition process as an adult.

As a transsexual woman, I fully support the right of any child who wants to transition to do so.

Comment by Katie
from Minneapolis

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