Readers' encounters with the vacuum salesmen who just won't leave

When the Kirby vacuum cleaner salesmen are near, it might be best to keep the gate locked and the shades drawn.

When the Kirby vacuum cleaner salesmen are near, it might be best to keep the gate locked and the shades drawn. Public Domain Pictures

City Pages readers respond to our story about RG Enterprises, Minnesotans tortured by the vacuum salesmen who just won't leave:

They were in Lakeville yesterday, still going strong in the cities metro, so watch out! They asked if they could talk for five minutes at the door, and next thing I know he's bringing in a vacuum and 45 minutes had passed of a demonstration that I was never interested in in the first place.

When I called him out on his lie of only talking to me for five minutes, he thanked me for being open about it and then continued to stay and talk for another 20-plus minutes! When he finally left, his comment was "Most salesmen stay at least an hour and a half." As if I should be grateful that he only wasted over an hour of my time when I offered five minutes.

I was so pissed. And I feel bad for people who finance a vacuum for over $2,000. 

Jordan Barlow

My wife and I were screwed by this same company. After two hours my wife finally got them to leave by trading our vacuum cleaner for a Kirby for a week to see how we liked it. At the end of the week, they refused to return our Dyson, saying it already been donated to the Boy Scouts and scrapped for its copper, leaving us with the vacuum cleaner we could not afford, and would not pay for.

It ended with us paying for it after a year of fighting just to save our credit rating.

Andy Kavanagh


They came to my house in South St Paul in January as I was unloading groceries from my car. He walked up to me and handed me the can on air freshener and on instinct I grabbed it. Then he ran off to his car to get the vacuum cleaner.

I gave it back to him when he returned and did not allow him in my house. Told him I just bought a vacuum cleaner (which was true) and he said it probably wasn't as good as his. I just went inside. It was very uncomfortable.

Alex Fairchild Breiland


This happened to me 15 years ago. I actually felt violated by the time I got the sales guy to finally leave. I should have called someone then, but I assumed it was an isolated experience.

They make false promises and ask you for referrals. They won't take no for an answer. He was in my house about one and a half hours. It got to be dinner time and my young kids were crawling the walls and hungry. He didn't seem to notice or care, even after I said multiple times I needed to fix dinner.

Mary Hamel 


I wouldn't be surprised if the next time this vacuum company is in the headlines it's because one of their salespeople was shot to death by a homeowner.

I am not condoning violence, but judging from what I have read in the article, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them overstepped his or her boundaries to a point of no return.

Erica Anderson

In 2004, a Kirby salesman showed up at my mother-in-law's door, asking for the "lady of the house." My husband replied, "If you can get her to come to the door, I'll buy your damned vacuum."

Right then, the hearse pulled up. He left. True story.

Kris Baker