Readers can't stop talking about our Michele Bachmann cover


I opened up the November 18 issue to Matt Snyders's cover story on Rep. Michele Bachmann, wondering if City Pages could actually do an objective piece (I do understand that CP is not a "news" paper per se) on her, something along the lines of "we disagree with her but here's the scoop."

My original suspicions that you could not were confirmed within seconds. In the second paragraph you wrote about her "mascara-caked face" at the election-night party. The use of the term "caked" is subjective, but the obvious implication being that her use of makeup is excessive.

I am a constituent of hers, and I also consider her a friend (and I was with her that night) and I can tell you that she wears a very average and appropriate (also subjective) amount of makeup.

Four lines later you referred to her now famous Hardball appearance, and you incorrectly reported that she said that the "government would do well to investigate 'anti-American' congressmen." What she actually said was that the American media should do so, not the government, which is something quite different.

At that point I realized that I did not have to read the rest of the article, so at least you saved me some time by outing yourselves at the beginning. It seems you would have enough substance on Bachmann with which to disagree with her; it's too bad you decided to use hyperbole and innacuracy to discredit her instead.

Bob Stephenson

Why does City Pages insist on putting a spotlight on characters like Michele Bachmann? She is an extremely well-funded and popular figure both within her (painfully out of touch) district, as well as the GOP at large, which makes it hard to understand why your paper wastes any ink on her at all.

You clearly have a bias against her, yet you still haven't figured out that by not only acknowledging her, but going to lengths to describe her erratic and self-serving behaviors, you only serve to further rally her supporters around her.

As much as I agree with the sentiment of the article—the woman is bat-shit crazy, period—I think it would be most effective to simply ignore her, and focus on the merits of the opposing candidates. She won by only a 3 percent margin last election, close enough to suggest that appealing to level-headed moderates just might tilt the election in a more humane direction this time around.

John Rossakis

Good article. Just a small correction. Bachmann never served on the Stillwater School Board or, more precisely, the District 834 School Board, since she, along with the other Pat Robertson "stealth" candidates were called out and defeated by the more astute voters in that district. She won office thereafter by her opponents underestimating her and her ability to conceal her warped, fascist views under the guise of a "social conservative."


What is it about right-wingers that makes so many of them claim that if you disagree with them, you're somehow un-American? That's just plain crazy. Bachmann is a rabble-rousing radical Christian dominionist and she's American, a real American.


Ginger Hop review

Great review! I have been to Ginger Hop a few times and have to mention how inviting and gracious their staff is. Hosts, bartenders, servers, and managers have all treated me like a valued regular, whether I am alone or in a group, even on my first visit. Their kindness has made me want to keep going back. I am not very familiar with the food yet but know I will pass up some of my favorite dishes in town for a chance to go back there and be around such positive people in such a lovely space. As they often make their own kim chi, I hope they add more menu items to show that off.


I didn't realize how sad it would make me to see the pictures of Ginger Hop. I had great times, and heard great musicians, at The Times. Now, with the stage gone, and the green replaced with (is it?) yellow, it looks bare and sterile, and somehow just "off." After the review, and browsing the photos, I don't think I'll ever make it there. Too many other good options to waste an evening exploring this one.

DT Steve