Reader: The best weapon against douchebag bicyclists? Air horns.

Pathletes? In St. Paul we call them assholes.

Pathletes? In St. Paul we call them assholes.

Reader Nick Coleman responds to Pathletes: The douchebags of Minneapolis' bike paths:

This is a real problem. They may call them "pathletes" in Minneapolis, but we are more plainspoken in St Paul. Ass——- is what we call them here.

I ride at a decent pace, 15 mph or so, on the street. In the old days — three or four years ago — these path-ological showoffs at least used to warn, "On your left" as they blew past, trying at least to observe the rules of the road. Now, they don't bother.

They cruise past, an inch or two from your elbow and your handlebars as if they are mocking you. This is dangerous cycling. And sometimes, they even squeeze by on the right. The chance of a head-over-teacups bike wreck is real.

When I ride with my elementary school-age boys, I try to keep my bike between them and the weirdos on wheels flying by us without any regard for safety. If you don't see them in your rearview mirror or hear them coming, which, in traffic, you often don't, the effect is like having someone sneak up on you and popping a paper bag in your ear.

Which brings me to my 2016 solution: I plan to get a powerful air horn, like you hear moms from South St Paul blasting at hockey games. I am going to tape it to my handlebars. And when the Path-holes blow by me, I am going to give them a blast up the ass on my air horn. What goes around comes around.