Reader reaction to Strib bankruptcy: Make your voice heard

So we decided to fill the gap and allow readers to have an unmediated discussion about the Strib's bankruptcy in this post.

To kick it off, here's a reaction that arrived in my email box this morning from "a former Strib employee":

What's black and white and completely over?

I woke up on Friday to read about the Star Tribune's bankruptcy filing on my iPhone.

Then I logged in to my laptop to read more.

Later that day, I visited some of my favorite national and regional media sites and blogs. I posted on a few.

Not once did I even consider picking up a dead tree--it's not where I get my information.

Is it any wonder American print newspapers are the walking dead?

Yet the Strib unions remain blindly defiant, refusing to compromise or agree to painful but necessary cuts or concessions.

It's the equivalent of ordering room service on the Titanic immediately after it hits the iceberg.

-Former Strib employee.