Reader offers better insults than those featured in Ben Shapiro story

Highlights include "backwards knuckle dragging baboon."

Highlights include "backwards knuckle dragging baboon." Gage Skidmore

Reader Bar Bageddon responds to Ben Shapiro sues University of Minnesota over micro-aggression.

Did Shapiro get to speak? Yes, however at a much much smaller venue.

Now I don't know about you but you do know this is his job? Smaller venue equals less pay due to less ability to hold a fuller audience.

Also Ben Shapiro isn't the only one suing and may be on the lawsuit because the students are the ones actually suing not Shapiro himself, but because he was the speaker is added in. The students who asked him to come are the plantiffs, you backwards knuckle dragging baboon. Maybe do some actual research instead of name calling.

You'll find that many students who wanted to attend this lecture and Q&A couldn't because of the smaller venue. And why? Because of aggression from leftists.

I too was liberal until it became so radical and full of fake made up agendas that people are on the left that aren't extremists seem more consevative. I liken them to Yosemite Sam drawing lines and daring Bugs Bunny to cross over them until he's falling over a cliff.

Yes, you dear sir are as about as brain dead as a Warren's Brother cartoon that is deemed a bafoon, you and your brainless peers.

Go figure why the election was won by a reality TV moron. The U.S. would rather that than anyone that would consider representing the B.S. ideals you evoke, force/compel upon others.

I'd rather four more years of Trump than anyone that supports your greedy, selfish, microscoping minds.

And this comment was more informative than your crap article with by far better and truthful insults.