Reader: Canada's Socialist Medical System Is More Fabulous Than Ours

I got friends and family both in Canada and England. They don't experience what you have just stated as some kind of fact.

"I had an American friend fall out of their RV on vacation going 55 mph, broke open his skull, in Canada. Not a Canadian citizen, they took him to the hospital, saved his life. They kept him in the country to stabilize him, then sent him the drugs he needed to recover when the went back to the states.

"They would have paid for his airfare to check him out again, but he couldn't take the time off of work. So he went to his doctor here, charged him $400. Canada charged him nothing.

"I have a friend in England who suffered a heart attack, scheduled open heart the next day, saved his life. All of this with no charge. You are completely misrepresenting the truth because your candidate doesn't want to help real Americans. She only wants to help herself."