Read PiPress sportswriter Tom Powers' five-hour Twitter jag about 'liberal pussies'

Tom Powers, a "semi-retired" Pioneer Press journalist, along with one of his many angry tweets from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

Tom Powers, a "semi-retired" Pioneer Press journalist, along with one of his many angry tweets from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

What would Ronald Reagan tweet? 

It's the sort of thing that might, on long nights, pop into the heads of traditional conservatives who long for Reagan's dignity, his restraint. People like Tom Powers, a semi-retired (but still regularly contributing) sportswriter for the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Powers has made no secret, especially lately, about his admiration for Ronald Reagan. If the "Great Communicator" had lived to the present day, and was in fact on Twitter... he probably wouldn't have done any of the shit Tom Powers did last night. 

The Twitter binge in question began when Powers replied to a tweet from editorial cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, who -- after Donald Trump again blamed violence in Charlottesville, Virginia on "both sides," including the "alt-left" -- called on Republicans to "own [their] fucking mess, and do something about it." 

Powers' response, published at 10:36 p.m. (exactly seven hours after the original tweet) was reflexive, deflective, and clearly came as a shock to many of his 4,900-some followers.

Powers, for his part, seemed ready to move on to things he's probably better suited to talk about. Like baseball players, and how swell it is to be Tom Powers.

But a few people didn't want to let Powers' earlier tweet go, and challenged him about his Trump/Clinton position. Having started at this very low point in political discourse, Powers happily dug deeper. A selection of lowlights from the tweets he penned over the next five hours:




[Editor's note: John Wayne Gacy; Richard Speck; Hillary Clinton.]





At a couple points, Powers took what looks like the high road compared to the rest of his bomb-throwing. Here he is outlining the Tom Powers for president campaign platform.

And here he is saying something nice about someone! (It's Ronald Reagan.)

This magnanimity never lasted too long, though.

That last one, which hit the web at 3:17 a.m., was indeed Powers' final vomitous offering of the early morning hours. But we'd rather close on this tweet, something which Powers wrote almost 90 minutes earlier, sandwiching it neatly in between tweets about "pussies," "liberal pussies," "professional victim,"  the "devil incarnate," "assholes," and prolific serial killers. 

Amen to that, Tom. Speaking of good ideas: Maybe's it time you clicked a few buttons, so people could start calling you a "former Twitter user"?

UPDATE: In an interview after this story published, Dave Orrick, Pioneer Press outdoors editor and a spokesman for the Pioner Press newspaper guild, sought to distance the paper's guild employees from Powers' controversial social media behavior. (Powers' continued contributions to the paper come on a freelance basis, and he is not a member of the employee union.) Said Orrick: "The guild does not condone any of these tweets." 

UPDATE: Around 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, the Pioneer Press responded to Tom Powers' tweet-storm with two of their own, updating readers about its relationship with the longtime sportswriter.