Read a Jewish U of M student's response to the Nazi who left Holocaust graffiti in his dorm

Avi Shaver's University of Minnesota dorm room was defaced -- and from the inside.

Avi Shaver's University of Minnesota dorm room was defaced -- and from the inside. Avi Shaver/Facebook

Time was, fascists thought science was their friend.

Back around the turn of the 20th century, supporters of segregation, eugenics, and anti-miscegenation laws used pseudo-scientific research to back up their claims that pale people from certain regions were the planet's superior race.

Proto-Nazis -- and later, the actual Nazis -- relied on physiology and psychology to  bolster their anti-Semitism. It made them more comfortable with their evil.

Of course, decades of (real) science disproves such bullshit. Turns out, science favors a belief in human equality. 

That's why some graffiti that turned up on a University of Minnesota whiteboard some time Wednesday night is so chillingly accurate. On Avi Shaver's little door-hanger message board, the word "Science" is crossed out. In its place: "Nazis Rule" -- plus a Swastika symbol, and a horrifying little stick figure drawing depicting a gas chamber scene from the Holocaust.

Shaver, who is Jewish, discovered the message inside his room after arriving back late Wednesday, and posted the image on Facebook, along with a response note to whichever young fascist left it for him to find.

Here's the freshman's message in full:

3 Questions for you (perpetrator): 1) How did you get into my room? (I know my roommates would not leave the room unguarded like this)
2) How would you know this affects me personally? Yes, I'm very vocal about my Judaism, but obviously, you knew I was and also where I lived.
3) Most importantly, why? Why would you do this? Do you feel empowered doing this? What benefit do you gain by making a person feel afraid?
Not cool.


Not cool at all, Nazi.

A statement from the University of Minnesota Bias Response and National Referral Network says Shaver's victimization is the seventh incident of Nazi, anti-Semitic, or Swastika graffiti on campus since early December.

And that's on a liberal arts college campus, in one of the most progressive cities in America.

The chilling fact that this graffito managed to worm its way into Shaver's room feels a little too true. Often enough these days, it feels like the call for a march back to fascism is coming from inside the house.