Raymond Vorpahl, 89, accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old

Vorpahls will turn 90 in less than a week.

Vorpahls will turn 90 in less than a week.

Raymond Vorpahl, an 89-year-old babysitter from Wisconsin, is due in court today on charges of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl and a 42-year-old woman.

According to the complaint, Vorpahl had sexual contact with the 13-year-old on Dec. 20 in his Green Bay home, and with the 42-year-old woman in May 2009. He's been charged with a felony and a misdemeanor for the alleged assaults, respectively.


He turns 90 years old next Tuesday.

Vorpahl has been running babysitting and foster care services out of his home for decades, which has led police to believe there may be more victims who have yet to come forward, says Ashwaubenon police Lt. Jody Crocker.

"We're looking to see if anybody else had a contact with him that might have been assaulted by him," he says.

Since his arrest, police have learned that Vorpahl's foster care license was suspended 30 years ago "after he exposed himself to two of the kids," says Crocker, though Vorpahl has continued to babysit kids over the years.

"Anybody can babysit, but to be a foster care or state-appointed home for someone, that's a different story," says Crocker. "The state-appointed home is what the license was pulled for."