Raymond Foley busted for repeatedly peeing on attractive female co-workers' office chairs

Raymond Foley gets his jollies from peeing on office chairs. To be more precise, he enjoys taking leaks on the office chairs of attractive female co-workers.

After months of bafflement about what was causing the strange stains on chairs at the West Des Moines Farm Bureau office, a new video surveillance system busted Foley in the act last Saturday. He was promptly fired from his position in the information-technology department and now faces a second-degree criminal mischief charge.

Foley, 59, had access to the bureau's employee database. According to police documents, he'd look up employee photos in the agency's database, then "pick out the attractive females...on off-hours, he would come into work, go to their desk, and urinate on their chairs."

Iowa Farm Bureau vice president Lauri Strottman said employees had been noticing strange stains on their chairs since October. Unless Foley drank a ton of water, we'd imagine a pungent odor accompanied some even-more-unpleasant-in-hindsight dampness.

Finally, in February, the bureau installed cameras in hopes of getting to the bottom of the mystery. And sure enough, at 11:30 a.m. last Saturday, there was Foley, mimicking a cat while spraying on the office chairs of unsuspecting females. Police estimate that last weekend's incident alone resulted in about $4,500 in damage.

Foley was fired Monday. On his way out of the office, he told Strottman, "I was doing inappropriate things I shouldn't be doing." You can say that again, Raymond.

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