Raw milk investigation spreads to Traditional Foods Minnesota

Raw milk investigation spreads to Traditional Foods Minnesota
Image courtesy of kthread on Flickr

Drinking raw milk isn't illegal, but why anyone would want to is beyond us. Hasn't it been a good idea to heat milk and kill off bacteria since Pasteur came up with pasteurization?

Raw milk from Minnesota left eight people sick with E.coli in May and June, and apparently the state thinks there's more to be worried about. The state's investigation into the raw milk trade is spreading out to more farms, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

The original investigation centered on the Hartmann Dairy Farm in Gibbon, Minnesota, which was blamed for the E.coli outbreak that sickened eight people. Now, state health investigators are looking at Traditional Foods Minnesota, according to MPR. At least one of the dairies listed at its Minneapolis site advertise raw milk. Health officials haven't confirmed their probe, but a a farmer that sells with Traditional Foods told MPR that the investigation was related to raw milk.

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