Ratting out the RNC protesters: From the FBI mole's mouth


Brandon Darby says he's not one of those FBI informants. The social activist-turned-FBI mole says it was his consience that motivated him to get involved with the Bureau.

"I feel like, as an activist, I played a direct role in stopping violence," he tells the Pioneer Press.

Darby's information-sharing led to the arrest of two Texas men who allegedly planned on unleashing Molotov cocktails in St. Paul during the RNC.

Here's what else he had to say to the PiPress regarding his metamorphoses:

"When I showed up in New Orleans, I was very angry at my government. I felt that rather than just protest what happened in New Orleans in your own city, it was important to protest by going to New Orleans and doing something about it... Common Ground had over 22,000 volunteers, and the vast majority of those were average working-class Americans who just wanted to help. But what happens is, different political groups or people with ideologies show up and their focus is on their agenda. ... There was a lot of that going on."

Okay, so even dyed-in-the-wool civil libertarians, i.e. our gold-hoarding drinking buddies, concede the dude makes a few valid points. (Yeah, we know: "That's what they want you to think!")

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