Ratchet, America's favorite dog, scheduled to return


There's a lot of things people could say when they are talking about the war. But, lately it seems nothing has fired up the populace more than the story of Ratchet, a stray dog adopted by Spring Lake Park Army Sergeant Gwen Beberg while serving in Iraq.

The Military was bombarded with criticism last week after the dog was confiscated en route to America. The Military prohibits soldiers from adopting pets while serving in Iraq. Animal rights groups and other activists feared the dog would be killed.

Today, people can put those fears aside. Ratchet is scheduled to return to Minnesota after a brief stint in Washington D.C., reports The Associated Press.

When he gets here, no doubt local news cameras will be rolling. Thanks in part to the wire service, Ratchet's story has become something of an international news phenomenon.

With some 700 clips listed on Google News by 1p.m. Wednesday, the black dog has made mention in USA Today, The Washington Post, The Today Show, and Australian news outlet The Melbourne Herald Sun, among others.

Now, if only U.S. soldiers could get this much attention on their homecoming.