Rashad McCants traded to Sacramento

The utterly thinkable has finally occurred: the Timberwolves report that Rashad McCants has been dealt, along with Calvin Booth, to the Sacramento Kings. In exchange, the Wolves receive Shelden Williams who went to Duke--this means, I think, that he is either secretly amazing or  openly terrible--and Bobby Brown, who was a member of New Edition before embarking on a controversial solo career. 

The Wolves have finally officially admitted (as if Shaddy's near total banishment from the court were not admission enough) that their choice of McCants over Danny Granger in the 2005, whatever the merits at the time, was a total mistake.  That, despite his unbelievable athletic talents (and his reportedly meticulous refinement of his skills), Rashad McCants just doesn't seem to understand how to play professional basketball.

This trade does fulfill some short term needs for the Wolves: namely, their need for another serviceable big man to fill in for Al Jefferson and their need for a point guard to push/back up Sebastian Telfair. Mostly, though, this was about getting McCants, and all the seriously bad vibes he represents, out of town.

So it looks like we Wolves fans have to bid a sad farewell to the demonstrative sulking, the shameless ball-hogging, the dalliances with pseudo-celebrities, the monstrously distorted self-perception, and, most of all, to those confessional-mode tattoos that literally wrapped the poor guy in his own ample insecurities. So long, Shaddy, I hear Sacramento is beautiful.