Rapper Brian Quinones live-streamed Richfield/Edina police chase, shooting [VIDEO]

Brian Quinones, 30, appears calm in the minutes leading to his death in a police shooting.

Brian Quinones, 30, appears calm in the minutes leading to his death in a police shooting. YouTube

Brian Quinones, 30, appears eerily calm in the video he live-streamed of the Saturday night police chase that would end in his death.

Quinones, a Twin Cities-based rapper who posted new songs to his Soundcloud page just hours before he was gunned down, is seen listening and sometimes rapping along to music.

Occasionally he looked directly into the camera and threw up a gesture. Were it not for the flashing lights and sirens in the background, a viewer might think nothing's wrong.

The chase started after Quinones blew a stop sign in Edina and refused to stop, the Star Tribune reports, and police said he continued ignoring traffic laws while approaching and crossing into Richfield around 10:30 p.m. 

After minutes of driving, cops headed off Quinones' path, forcing him to stop the car. He bolted out of the car; the video catches a glimpse of a small knife in his hand as he exits.

What follows isn't visibly caught on Quinones' dash cam, though cops can be heard yelling at him. Then one sprints by Quinones' car, gun drawn, and seconds later a series of gunshots are heard. 

The video was removed by Facebook, but has since resurfaced on YouTube.

A friend who attended a vigil Sunday night told the Star Tribune the Puerto Rican native and father of one "had it rough" in recent years, but says Quinones had not spoken openly about depression or mental health. 

Following the vigil, protesters marched to Interstate 494 and to Richfield toward the site of Quinones' shooting, temporarily blocking traffic while chanting and wielding signs calling for an end to police violence.

A joint statement from the Edina and Richfield police departments expressed "thoughts and prayers to all those involved in this tragic incident." The shooting has been referred to the Hennepin County Attorney's Office for investigation.