Randy Moss's greatest YouTube moments

Randy Moss gets things screwed on straight.
Randy Moss gets things screwed on straight.

Brett Favre's ready to go deep with Randy Moss, and Vikings fans smell the sweet scent of a resurrected season with the wide receiver's return.

We're glad to see Moss back too. And in his honor we've assembled some of his classic YouTube moments.

Let's start with the moment in 2005 when he scored against the Packers in a wildcard playoff game, strolled over to the goal posts and treated Lambeau Field to a mooning pantomime.

Granted it wasn't as classy as a Jared Allen calf roping, but then again neither is kosher in the NFL, and Moss was fined $10,000 for the display. Not that it bothered him any. He told KARE he'd pay up with "straight cash, homey," and suggested he might wave another body part around the next time he scored.

And that pretty much ended Minnesota's love affair with the pride of Rand, Pennsylvania. He was traded to the Oakland Raiders a few weeks later, lasted a few years there, and then moved on to New England (much to Brett Favre's chagrin). He must have had some latent purple love in him though, because after this score against the Broncos, he found the only fan in Vikings garb and climbed up for a hug.

Here he is, getting things screwed on straight for Tom Brady:

And here he jokes from the sideline with a Patriots fan in blackface:

But in the end, Moss complained that everybody in New England hated him, and he wanted out of his contract.

Now he's ours again. Welcome back, Randy. We love you.

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