Randy Moss thanks Packers fans for mooning him, inspiring 'straight cash homey' [VIDEO]

Post-retirement Randy Moss: Likes marijuana, Packers fans.

Post-retirement Randy Moss: Likes marijuana, Packers fans.

As an NFL player, Randy Moss had a personality that ranged from diva to distant.

Moss left the Minnesota Vikings on lukewarm terms the first time, in 2004, and terrible terms the second

But Moss has emerged as a far more jovial, likable character in retirement. As an analyst for the Fox network, Moss is thoughtful and affable. On air, he seems like more of a team player than he sometimes did when he was actually on sports teams. 

And he's a good interview subject. Why, just this morning, here's Moss telling Sports Illustrated he thinks the league should back off people's pot-smoking habits. "I think the NFL needs to loosen up the rules and let everybody live," says Moss, who's been known to smoke a joint or two himself.

Whether it's his consumption habits or the relatively stress-free retirement life, Moss is now capable of laughing off one of the most high-profile scandals of his career. In an Instagram post, Randy is seen signing his name and signature phrase, "Straight cash homey." 

The line originated from the episode where, after scoring a touchdown at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Moss pantomimed mooning livid Packers fans. The NFL fined Moss $10,000. When asked if he'd written a check to the league, Moss told a reporter he'd paid the fee with "straight cash, homey." And a catchphrase was born.

Looking back, Moss wants to thank the Packers fans for their involvement in that brouhaha. Though he remembers the incident differently than most. According to Moss, his (fake) mooning came in response to some (real) mooning from Packers fans. (Considering the typical diet of cheese, beer, and beer cheese soup of most Green Bay residents, it's safe to say Moss got the worst of this.) 



Thank u to all the cheeseheads!!#joking#blessed

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Ok, Packers fans, now it's your turn. Say something nice to Randy.

Maybe tell him he's got a nice signature?