Randy Moss mooning clip yanked by Russ Feingold [VIDEO]

Randy Moss and his mooning ways.
Randy Moss and his mooning ways.

Just as the Vikings bring Randy Moss back to town and crown him savior, Wisconsin has to remind us of his mooning ways. Thank you, cheeseheads.

Moss and his 2005 moment of infamy at Lambeau Field were part of a campaign ad montage of football players being aired by Sen. Russ Feingold.

The senator was lambasting "excessive celebration" by D.C. corporate lobbyists. But the NFL hit Feingold with a penalty for excessive use of unlicensed footage, and he's agreed to rejigger the ad to get rid of all the touchdown and sack dances.

Here's the ad. And don't miss "Randy Moss returning to the Vikings."

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