Randy Kelly promises that if he is re-elected every St. Paul resident will receive a free lifetime supply of Twinkies

class=img_thumbleft>Both daily newspapers ran stories today highlighting the fact that St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly has

raised an eye-popping $840,000

for his re-election campaign and has nearly half of that money on hand. Which sort of explains why glossy, full-color Kelly mailings have been piling up in the mailboxes of St. Paul residents.

Based on the latest missive being cirulated by the Mayor, though, he might want to spend some of that money to hire a competent copywriter. Here's the text from the front of the mailing:

Success. Some people measure it by what they did yesterday. Randy Kelly measures it by what he will do tomorrow.

This theme then continues on the inside of the mailing:

There is this idea in politics today that success is defined by everything you did yesterday. It's almost as if we should vote to elect leaders by what they have done in the past, rather than what they are going to do tomorrow.

Of course people vote to elect leaders by what they've done in the past. How the hell else, exactly, are they supposed to judge elected officials?

As best I can tell, Kelly is directing voters to ignore his track record over the last four years. Instead they're supposed to vote for him based on what he promises to do in his second term. Somehow I don't believe this logic will go over real big with St. Paul voters.

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