Random acts of kindness slated for MSP in 2007

The Acts 1:8 Ministry, based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, recently received a $30,000 grant to expand their work to Milwaukee, and plan to open a regional office in Minneapolis/St. Paul next year. According to their website, Acts 1:8's mission is to "create a culture for Christians to care, share, and connect people to Christ worldwide through Christian kindness." Recent acts have included 99-cent gallons of gas at the Stadium Shell on Lombardi Access for two hours one Saturday afternoon, and serving 200 kolaches at the Green Bay Farmers Market. Jeff Van Beaver, chairman of the Board of Evangelism at Pilgrim Lutheran Church states, "One image about church is that we're a lot of talk, but no action. We want to show that it is possible to get something for nothing and expect nothing in return." Speculation that Zigi Wilf has inquired about stadium giveaways is unfounded.