Randi Reitan's anti-Target video goes viral [VIDEO]

Whoever at Target thought it would be a good idea to pitch in $150,000 to support gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer must be kicking themselves right now. The company formerly known for supporting gay employees is getting an avalanche of bad reviews since contributing to Emmer's quest. The latest comes from Randi Reitan, an Eden Prairie grandma and mother of a gay son, whose video protesting the company has gone viral on YouTube.

Reitan even showed up on Huffington Post.

She shopped at Target for the last time this week. She bought $226.32 of merchandise, then returned every single item. She explained to the store's manager who each purchase was for, and why that person wouldn't want her spending her money at Target.

"A number of the items were for my grandchildren," Reitan says. "And they love their Uncle Jake so much. And Jake is gay. And they wouldn't want to have things coming from a store that contributes to a campaign that would have a governor candidate with the anti-gay views that Tom Emmer has."


In the meantime, Emmer's trying to cast the protests against Target as an attempt to squelch free speech.

"The sad part to me is, I thought we were supposed to be able to exercise our rights of free speech," Emmer told the PiPress. "We're supposed to celebrate the fact that we have different perspectives. And it doesn't seem like that's what this is about. This seems to be more personal and we've got to get over that."

Um... can anyone follow Emmer's logic? Isn't protesting a company's political contributions simply a matter of enlightening voters about where campaign money comes from so they can decide whether or not to do business with a company that supports someone they don't?

Here's the video:

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