Ramsey man drives down highway, three young girls ride behind on flatbed [VIDEO]

You'd hope it'd go without saying, but this is not okay.
You'd hope it'd go without saying, but this is not okay.

What the hell, people.

SEE ALSO: Susan McCarty of Edina made nephew, 11, ride in trunk, didn't want to get Lexus' seats wet

Yesterday, we told you about Susan McCarty, the Edina woman who made her nephew ride in the trunk of her Lexus because she was concerned he might get the leather seats wet. Now comes news of a Ramsey man who apparently thought it was acceptable to drive down a busy four-lane highway while pulling three young girls sitting on a flatbed, wedged between kayaks.

The Ramsey Police Department decided to release the video in hopes that folks will see it and think twice before doing anything remotely close to this stupid.

Here's the footage:

You gotta love how the driver responds with "Really?" when the officer tells him a colleague wanted to haul his ass to jail. As if it's no big deal to drive down a bustling highway with three helpless young girls exposed to fate's tender mercies.

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