Ramsey County deputy pleads guilty in K9 beating caught on tape [VIDEO]

Berry said he did not even recall what he had done until he saw the video much later.

Berry said he did not even recall what he had done until he saw the video much later.

<!———StartFragment———>Alcohol can lead to all sorts of unfortunate behavior. Let he who has not ordered a pizza that is later regretted cast the first stone.

But beating a dog — one's professional companion, no less — is way beyond the pale. That's why dog lovers around the country got so outraged at the actions of a Ramsey County Sheriff's deputy, whose assault on a police dog was caught on tape, and ultimately led to criminal charges.

Brett Berry pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for animal cruelty on Tuesday, according to Forum News Service, which reports that Berry also copped to being "exceedingly drunk" at the time of the incident. That contention is borne out by the damning surveillance video, which shows Berry's staggering gait as he approached the dog.

The surveillance video from Black Bear Casino resort was, somewhat ironically, taken during a training exercise at that Carlton-area gaming spot. Note to officers learning how to handle their K9s: This is the wrong way to do it. 

It's also illegal. Berry faces up to one year in jail and a $3,000 fine for his offense. In testimony, he said he'd been black-out drunk during his assault, and couldn't recall it happening until he was later shown video of the event. 

Saddest of all, Boone remains subservient during the stalking and beating, wagging his tail and ducking to the ground, despite the fact the large German shepherd could easily have just jumped for Berry's throat. 

Finally, for the not-so-bad news: Boone didn't during suffer serious injury from the beating, and was removed from Berry's custody.

Berry's attorney told Forum News Service after the hearing that the deputy had sought treatment for his problems with alcohol, and, aside from the dog attack, had led an "exemplary life" professionally and personally.