Rambo wanna-be allegedly shoots arrows at homes 'for giggles'


We all have our drunken fantasies. Some of us want to be president, some of us want to be America's Next Top Model, some want to be Jason Bourne. And then there are those who want to be Rambo. Most of us just don't literally act out our fantasy.

Apparently living the Rambo lifestyle is popular here in Minnesota. This guy just took it a little too far. A Burnsville man allegedly tried to impress a lady by shooting arrows at the homes of his neighbors with a powerful bow. One arrow even shattered a patio door.

When asked what the hell he was doing, the woman, who was also extremely intoxicated, said he wanted to "play Rambo". Now Kyle K. Fletcher, 30, is charged with a felony.

Does this man not realize he can never live up to Rambo's amazing skills?

More from the Pioneer Press:

Burnsville police found arrows in the siding of townhomes in the man's complex on Saturday. Another arrow went through a patio door, shattering the glass.

She allegedly told investigators that they had been drinking all night before Fletcher grabbed his bow and walked onto the deck. She thought he wanted to "play Rambo."

Dakota County prosecutors say Fletcher eventually admitted that he did it for "giggles."