Rainforest lovers hang from Minneapolis skyway

Who knew showing your rainforests love meant hanging from a skyway?

Who knew showing your rainforests love meant hanging from a skyway?

If your commute through downtown Minneapolis was a little bit slow this morning, blame it on the rainforests.

That's right. Four activists hung from the skyway at 3rd Street and 5th Avenue this morning because they are mad that the world's rainforest are being destroyed. One really angry protester got on top of the skyway.

But we don't have any rainforests in Minnesota, so what's the deal?


It turns out the protesters, from Rainforest Action Network, are mad at Minnesota-based Cargill, the "#1 supplier of rainforest destruction." In particular, the group is targeting Cargill's Indonesian palm oil plantation.

The protest forced police to shut down 3rd Street around 9 a.m. Firefighters were called in, and were using cherry-pickers in the rain in an attempt to get the protesters down.

This isn't the first time that the Rainforest Action Network has protested Cargill. Last May, five people were arrested after locking themselves to a staircase in the Cargill headquarters in Wayzata.

Okay, so it may seem a bit extreme to risk your life on a rainy day atop the skyway, but we have to admit that environmental conditions are pretty darn depressing these days. At least these people are trying to do something about it. We just really, really hope they don't lose their footing.

Meanwhile, the rainforest protesters would probably be unhappy to hear some other Cargill-related news. Forbes magazine just released its annual list of the 400 richest people. Tied for number 79: brothers Whitney MacMillan, of Minneapolis, and Cargill MacMillan, of California--the heirs to the Cargill fortune. Each are reported with a net worth of $3.8 billion.