Rained-out Twins play ball at the airport with Delta

Ticket please.
Ticket please.
Screen grab via FSN

Ordinarily when you wheel a rollerbag up to your gate at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and you you see a crowd and commotion, you brace for the worst. Is it a canceled flight? A last-minute gate-change?

But not yesterday at Gates F9 and 10.

The rain-out yesterday at Target Field against Tampa Bay gave the Twins some breathing room, so manager Ron Gardenhire, along with Joe Nathan, Carl Pavano, Matt Capps, Danny Valencia, and Drew Butera combined their talents for a good-will hit.

Not the usual source of commotion at the gate.
Not the usual source of commotion at the gate.
Screen grab via FSN

FSN's Kevin Gorg writes that after a meet-and-greet with Delta employees, Gardy hung out and signed autographs. Valencia got hold of a microphone and announced a flight to his hometown of Miami--along with a crack about the weather.

But we hear Capps got in the best line.

After Valencia laughed off questions about hard-to-come-by team shirts bearing his name, Capps interrupted:

"They are currently being reprinted with Valencia's face on the front under the caption...hide your daughters!"

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