Rainbow Foods fires store manager Scott Ostrom, who was stabbed

Rainbow Foods store manager Scott Ostrom was fired a week after the man who stabbed him was sentenced to prison.

Ostrom had been store director at the Midway Rainbow Foods in St. Paul on May 9 when Russell Terry Johnson stabbed him in the chest because he was angry over a debit card transaction in the self-help lane, according to published reports. His fate was sealed this week when a judge sentenced him to three years in prison.

His victim, Ostrom, was fired a week later while coping with the stabbing.

Ostrom was saved from death by a notebook in his breast pocket and a plastic name badge, according to KSAX.

Ostrom had insisted on returning to work immediately after the stabbing. In a letter to the judge in Johnson's sentencing this Wednesday, Ostrom wrote that he had suffered from anxiety being around loud customers, reports the Star Tribune.

The company let him go over "absenteeism," claiming he had abandoned his job several times by walking out of the store mid-shift. Rainbow Foods contested his unemployment claim, too, though the state rejected their claim and granted Ostrom unemployment, per KSAX.

Roundy's Supermarkets, the parent company of Rainbow Foods, issued a statement saying it had offered him all the counseling it could "but he refused these offers of support."

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