Rahm Emanuel and Norm Coleman both enjoy basement living

President Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Norm Coleman seem to have a couple things in common: they live in basement apartments and got in trouble for it. Why are the cheapskates always busted?

Emanuel, a former U.S. Representative for Illinois, lives in a basement apartment on Capitol Hill rented to him by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. His problem: He can't live there.

Coleman came under fire in an overplayed game of politics this summer when he was suspected of getting a sweetheart deal ($600) on his basement apartment on Capitol Hill. Although it was a tad fishy that he was late on rent and paying some of his rent by selling furniture, the place was literally a basement bedroom with a bathroom and a wet bar. Pretty snazzy for a poor college grad who doesn't cook, but not exactly a lavish place to live as a 59-year-old senator. Trust me, I've seen it for myself.

More from Gawker:
That's what private investigator Joseph Culligan discovered after asking questions of D.C. officials. A zoning administrator responded to Culligan's inquiry and told him that DeLauro's house at 816 E. Capitol St. NE was listed as a single-family dwelling, and as such, could not be rented out.
Emanuel, with his new spot on Obama's hip, is currently looking for a new home in Washington, so his basement living won't be for long. No word if Coleman is holding on to his valuable basement digs while he waits to officially lose his Senate seat. You don't want to lose such precious living space if you don't have to.