Ragnar picked the wrong night to stop being a Vikings fan

The treasonous ex-mascot donned a cheesehead and chanted "Go Pack go" before the Vikings-Packers game.

The treasonous ex-mascot donned a cheesehead and chanted "Go Pack go" before the Vikings-Packers game.

For 21 years Ragnar, the fan favorite Minnesota Vikings mascot, served as the team's in-game hype man. But after the crap he pulled Sunday before the Vikings battled the Green Bay Packers for a division title, the former sideline staple is dead to us.

Soured by the team cutting him after he sought a giant pay raise, the real-life Joe Juranitch appeared on a Fox Sports pregame show to slap his former employer in the face (or maybe he just needed the work). In the clip Juranitch, donning his former gameday ensemble, is strolling through the woods when he finds a gift supposedly from those Green Bay miscreants — one of those hideous cheesehead hats.

Without misgivings, the bearded traitor ditches his fashionable Viking helmet in favor of the dowdy dairy lid.

"You know what, it's kind of got a nice feel to it," Juranitch proclaims, before walking off chanting "Go pack go."

Not cool, bro. Former Vikings wideout and Fox panelist Randy Moss, who once famously fake-mooned Packer fans, didn't care for Juranitch's act of treason either.

"What?! I'm not liking that, Ragnar," Moss cries. "You've been with the Vikes as long as I could ... No, c'mon Ragnar. You don't put that cheesehead on and walk through the woods. C'mon. Somebody better get to Ragnar before he gets in trouble."

— FOX Sports: NFL (@NFLonFOX) January 3, 2016
Juranitch's defection comes months after it surfaced that the Vikings shot down his request for a six-figure raise. The onetime Hopkins High School hall monitor apparently thought his antics were worth $20,000 per game, roughly 13 times more than the $1,500 he was making. The Vikes disagreed and instead went with the younger (and presumably cheaper) Viktor the Viking as their feature mascot.

After parting ways, the Vikings said they would salute Ragnar's tenure with the team during a 2015 home game. But apparently the team never called Ragnar to make it happen and his shifting allegiances probably won't send them running to the phone.

Regardless, Benedict Ragnar picked the wrong time to disavow his former squad. On Sunday night the Vikings knocked off the Packers 20-13 to snatch the NFC North crown away from Aaron Rogers and Co.