Racist graffiti targets Asian family in Oakdale


An Asian family on Oakdale woke one morning this weekend to a disturbing sight.

The home's garage had been defaced with nasty racist graffiti, and a car in the driveway was crudely tagged as well. 

"CHINKS," reads the unmistakable script painted just feet from the front door. 

The writing left on a car door is harder to make out, but has been deciphered as "Lick my bulls [sic]," a fitting reminder that whoever did this is both juvenile and incapable of the most basic adult task, like writing.

It's a little like all these poorly drawn swastikas showing up lately. These morons can't even commit a hate crime right. That doesn't make it less frightening for the family. 

Photos posted to Facebook by TL Xiong -- apparently the adult son of the victims -- have been shared more than 1,000 times, with hundreds of people leaving supportive messages for him and his family. 

Xiong's own words are also quite worthy of being spread around. Saying that his family members "haven't done anything wrong to anyone," Xiong writes:

I'll catch you.. my neighbors or the community will.. my parents and siblings are the most kindest hearted people anyone who knows us can vouch for that. Minnesota has the existing racism that lives hundreds of years ago.. I guess you guys got lucky getting away.. but keep in mind that karma will get you.

Joining karma on the case: the Oakdale Police Department, who confirmed Monday morning they'd received a call about the racist graffiti over the weekend. 

Oakdale Police Department Captain Karin LaTour says police suspect the graffiti is tied to two other instances of vandalism committed in the same neighborhood around the same time, though this one is the only of the three with a racist bent. (Another tag left on a garage door just said, "Nice car.") 

LaTour says the police "don't have a lot to go on" at this point -- anyone with helpful information can call local cops at 651-738-1025 -- and seemed relieved to report the community had not seen any hateful vandalism like this in a while.

"Not lately," LaTour says. "I would say this one is unique."