Racist Facebook troll fired from Archer Daniels Midland


Later, Schultz tried to walk some of this back, but... uh, look at it. Tough to say it's out of context.

Debate goals, tactics, and measures of success all you want. Black Lives Matter has scored at least one unambiguous victory: exposing all the racist trolls in your Facebook feed, who suddenly feel the need to tell you what they've always thought about black folks.

Or to tell them, directly, by posting right onto an account associated with Black Lives Matter. 

Brad Schultz did that locally, attacking the Black Lives Matter Minneapolis page — on Christmas Eve, no less — for organizing of the Mall of America and airport protests. 

The offensive bile Schultz emitted that day has since been deleted, but images of his posts have been preserved at sites like the Daily Haze.

"You dumb fucking niggers," Schultz posted. "Get out of town with your bullshit protesting. The loser life deserved to get shot for not cooperating with police. You make yourselves look worse. Get off your ass, get a job, do something ... Just leave, white people don't like you."

And Merry Christmas to you, too, Brad! 


People seen protesting in this photo are who Schultz was writing about, we guess, though he's not around to clarify his position.

In this passage, the "loser life" is probably a reference to Jamar Clark, the young black man whose November death in a Minneapolis Police Department shooting spurred the most recent round of BLM protests. Even if that message was less than clear, Schultz's overall intent of trolling all of Black Lives Matter's supporters was crystalline. 

Within hours, Schultz had changed his tune, seen the error of his ways, and apologized. Well, that, or he realized other Facebook users had managed to immediately deduce his identity. Their sleuthing was helped by the fact Schultz was posting under his real name, and had listed his hometown, Mankato. According to his social media accounts, he's a fan of the Minnesota Vikings and the new Star Wars movie.

Unrepentant racists: They're just like us! 

His Facebook page also listed his employer, Archer Daniels Midland. That part was key for online justice warriors; maybe they couldn't fill Schultz's heart with love and understanding by Christmas morning, but they could at least get him fired.

Schultz saw the writing on the (Facebook) wall, and tried backpedaling.

"I'm very sorry for the rude comments I made," he wrote. "In no way is my workplace affiliated with these comments. Please delete them."

Here, the troll finally got something right. Archer Daniels Midland, the food processing behemoth based in Chicago, is not affiliated with Schultz's comments — as of yesterday, when they fired his ass. 

"ADM has concluded its investigation regarding recent social media comments made by an ADM employee in Mankato, Minnesota," the company wrote in a statement distributed to media outlets. "As previously stated, these remarks are unacceptable and do not reflect ADM's values."

In a related story, if someone is looking to hire a social media expert, there's a newly unemployed guy in the Mankato area who knows all about how Facebook works, for good, for evil, and for revenge. Some sensitivity training required. 

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