'Racist a-hole' from St. Cloud isn't talking about the Walgreens I know

I live in St. Cloud and right when I read where this "supposedly" took place, l knew it was a lie. I live in the neighborhood this Walgreens is located in.

It is NOT filled with creepy Somali people, it's filled with people of every race and color. I shop there. I'm white! I have NEVER felt unsafe while shopping there or anywhere else here.

Now because of some racist a-hole (who should be prosecuted for writing this crap!), anyone who isn't white is going to be looking over their shoulders even more here. It's hard enough for the Somali community to fit in (this is big time Redneck country here). They're not treated very well, I can tell you.

Really pisses me off that people can't treat others with respect, even though they don't look like you.