Rachel Thompson Pleads Guilty to Helping Her Dad Dump Body of His Murdered Girlfriend

Her father put her in a pretty tough spot

Her father put her in a pretty tough spot

Walter Thompson's rap sheet has to be one of the longest on the books in Hennepin County. Since 1990 he's been arrested at least 22 times and charged with just about every offense in the book on multiple occasions: DWI (five times), assault (6), disorderly conduct (2), indecent exposure (5), drinking in public (2), public urination (1), marijuana possession (2), criminal sexual conduct (1), and trespassing (1).

All of those crimes pale in comparison to his most recent one: 2nd-degree murder. On December 2 Thompson, 55, pleaded guilty to beating his girlfriend Nerissa Shaw to death in September 2013 after four years of domestic abuse, and was sentenced to more than 34 years in prison. Before going away he managed to drag his daughter into to the mess too.

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His daughter Rachel Thompson, 26, pleaded guilty to accomplice after the fact yesterday right before her trial was set to begin. She will likely receive probation as part of her plea. She has no prior criminal convictions.

According to the charges:

Rachel met with her father on Sept. 12, 2013 and noticed he had a swollen hand and seemed more depressed than usual. He asked her to bring over a large container and she did the following day.

Walter Thompson

Walter Thompson

They had "numerous phone conversations" during the next two days and on Sept. 15 she went back to her father's apartment at the Loring Towers to help him move something. Rachel, Walter, and Walter's sister Senaca Thompson were recorded on the Loring Towers surveillance system shoving the same big container Rachel brought over two days earlier into the back of Rachel's car.

Later that night Rachel drove while her dad directed her, and eventually they stopped by some railroad tracks in St. Louis Park. He got out, grabbed the container, and walked away. He returned a short while later with the container, which was now empty.

Two days after that, now Sept. 17, Nerissa Shaw's savagely beaten corpse was discovered near the same spot Rachel had driven her father. That night the three Thompsons met up at Senaca's apartment in Brooklyn Center and Walter apologized, saying he and Shaw had been drinking and "he had made a mistake and it was an accident."

Rachel freaked out, saying she "was scared because she had seen 'that shit'" and she had driven him to the scene where he disposed of the body.

Senaca told her to relax because they still had the container; everything would be fine.

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