Rachel Stassen-Berger responds to @PolAnimal hire


Yesterday, the Pioneer-Press announced the successor to Rachel Stassen-Berger as the voice of popular Twitter feed @PolAnimal: Jason Hoppin.

Hoppin was a good sport when I called him out of the blue and asked him what it would be like to take over for Stassen-Berger.

"I think I have some very big high heels to fill," Hoppin quipped off the cuff, which bodes well for his future dishing rapid-fire bon mots on Twitter.

But I was still curious. What did Stassen-Berger think of Hoppin? Was he a worthy successor to her throne?

In an email, Stassen-Berger was as generous toward Hoppin as he'd been to her, but left no doubt that she will fight him tooth and nail for scoops:

Jason's great -- and, speaking as his future competitor, I think he is a little too great.

I start at the Strib on Aug. 24 and hope to start my new @ soon after.


I say, "Let the best tweeter win." Or better yet, "Let a thousand tweets bloom." This is one case where competition definitely benefits the audience.