Rachel Pedersen's 'small' engagement ring post goes insanely viral

This is no more a "starter" ring than Rachel Pedersen's is a starter marriage.

This is no more a "starter" ring than Rachel Pedersen's is a starter marriage.

What began as a Minnesota woman's online rant might've started a full-blown movement. 

Back in February, Rachel Pedersen put a short, loving post on Facebook, defending the comparatively "small" engagement ring she'd received from her husband-to-be.

Pedersen, a social media marketer based in Eden Prairie, posted a photo of said ring, one that had apparently received withering glares from friends and family in that Twin Cities suburb. Some have suggested that she might some day get it "upgraded," or get another one she takes out for special events, so as to prevent people from thinking she's "not successful."

To which Pedersen replied: Shut up and leave me alone.

Two months and 48,000 Facebook shares later, we can assume those people and many, many others have got the message.

And a ton of other women have weighed in on the same post, with more and more each day adding messages of support. A good number of them are illustrating their lack of caring about the size, glitz, or cost of an engagement ring by adding their own ring-finger-portraits, along with stories of how and why they fell in love with their spouses.


Like Pedersen, none of them married for money.

Her own story starts with a chance meeting at — Fogo de Chao? The Foshay Tower? Some kind of elite club we haven't heard of? — a Perkin's diner. (Oh.) 

"He worked as a window washer, and I was a single mother," Pedersen writes. 

Within a week, they'd told each other they were in love, and plans for living together and starting a family came soon after. Very soon: Just 13 days after the couple met, they eloped.

"We couldn't wait for the future," Pedersen writes. "So we didn't."

At that time, the comparatively small ring her fiance's modest salary could afford was the furthest thing from Pedersen's mind. 

"He drained his savings to gift me with a small token of his love," Pedersen writes. "I say small, only because it pales in comparison with how big his love is, even now, after years of marriage."

And zoom! There went the internet, taking Pedersen's post, her own small gesture of love, and wrapping it around the whole damn planet. Here's just one of 16,000 comments Pedersen has received. In it, the woman talks about how an inexpensive, "broken, dirty, ring reminds me every day of how much we've been through. And how much I love the man I have chosen to spend my life with."