Rachel Paulose found guilty of retaliation

The Office of Special Counsel ruled in favor of a whistleblower complaint against U.S. attorney Rachel Paulose, according to this AP story:

The Office of Special Counsel says its investigation found that former U.S. attorney Rachel Paulose retaliated against John Marti. Marti reported Paulose to Justice Department officials for leaving classified homeland security reports out in the open in her office.

The investigation found that Paulose retaliated by moving to remove Marti as her first assistant U.S. attorney. Marti accepted a demotion and returned to being an assistant U.S. attorney.

It appears that in addition to being a bad boss, Paulose was something of a national security threat:

The investigation found Paulose "routinely" left classified reports on terrorist activities and possible terrorist targets in the U.S. "unsecured on her desk or on an open bookshelf in her office."

A co-worker approached Marti with concerns in March 2007. Acting on the advice of a Justice Department security official in Washington, Marti reported Paulose's conduct to the appropriate Justice officials as required by law and informed Paulose, the OSC said.

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