Quick! Make More Babies!

Fair denizens of Minneapolis (and foul ones, too), the gauntlet has been thrown down. Raleigh, North Carolina has outpaced us in population.

Fortunately, this places us in 50th, a nice round number. But what's the significance of this statistic? Well, duh. Population is obviously a critical metric of an area's relevance, cultural status and importance. Obviously.

Just listen to this riveting endorsement from an expert as he wonk, wonk, wonkity wonks:

"You're one of the top metro areas in the country. You're about 20 percent of the economic output of the state," said [Bruce] Katz, a vice president of Brookings Institution, an independent research and policy group. "Raleigh is doing quite well in many respects, but they lack a dependable partner at the federal level to realize their full potential."

Bruce Katz's therapist then exorcised the spirit of Hubie Brown from him, eliminating future discursive forays into the second person.

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