Queen Bachmann ascends the throne

Michele Bachmann: Ready to lead.

Michele Bachmann: Ready to lead.

Michele Bachmann already crowned herself Queen of the Tea Party. And she's Queen of the Money Bags, too.

Now she's taking measurements for a cape and crown.


Bachmann spokesman Sergio Gor tells Politico there's a "draft Michele Bachmann" movement on Capitol Hill aimed at getting the sophomore incumbent into the No. 3 House leadership position when and if Republicans take control.

"We have been contacted by some members about that. If the opportunity were to present itself, she would definitely consider it," he said.

And all those senior Republicans who have played their cards right and angled for years for a leadership slot will just melt away in the face of such overwhelming odds?

Not likely. Tea partiers bent on reform are going to find themselves playing hardball with establishment Republicans come January.

It'll be interesting to see if that's the kind of bare-knuckled political fight Bachmann can wage. Maybe Chris Matthews will ask her about it tonight.