Put down your damn phone [VIDEO]


Distracted driving almost sent this attentive Minnesotan into a ditch. Or to his grave. Minnesota State Patrol

U.S. Route 63 is a typically pleasant stretch of road in southeastern Minnesota, entering the state from Iowa, just south of Rochester, and running --


This might have been the thought process of a Minnesota driver this past Saturday morning. Traveling theretofore uneventfully along the two-lane highway, the driver noticed a minivan approaching the dividing line ... then crossing the dividing line ... then barreling down the center of the wrong lane in what looks like an attempt to teach both drivers and any of their passengers what happens after you die.

Instead, Minnesota State Patrol is using dashcam video of the incident/near-accident to teach people to keep their eyes on the road. The "suspected distracted driver" apparently made it all the way to the rumble strip on his/her left side before correcting back into the proper lane.

Fortunately, the driver of the dashcam-enabled car was not just focused but skilled, smoothly swerving onto the shoulder for a couple harrowing seconds. 

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says distracted driving factors into a quarter of Minnesota vehicle crashes, and kills an estimated 70 people a year. That number might be a couple lower this year thanks to some heads-up driving from whoever sent this video into the State Patrol.

Watch the video below. But NOT if you're driving.

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