Pushy little Minnesota Wild fan yells 'Stick!' repeatedly, gets a stick [VIDEO]


This Wild fan made it abundantly clear what he's looking for. Why won't someone just give him a stick? Vancouver Canucks Twitter

The Minnesota Wild lost 1-0 to the Vancouver Canucks Tuesday night.

The Xcel Energy Center cleared out pretty quickly; shutout home losses don't leave fans much cause to hang out after the final horn. A small Wild fan found one reason.

"Stick! Stick!" says this little boy, reaching his hand out to a Canucks player leaving the bench.

When that guy keeps heading for the locker room, hockey stick in gloved hand, our pushy little protaganist throws up his hands as if to say, "What gives?"

Another Canucks player comes the kid's way. "Stick! Stick!" the boy says, hand thrust out to recieve the guy's gift. It does not come.

"Stick! Stick!" says the boy, turning and yelling at someone offscreen.

But wait! Then the first guy, Vancouver's Sam Gagner (No. 89 in your programs, about to be No. 1 in your hearts) comes back! 

Gagner, a 10-year NHL veteran from London, Ontario, Canada, does not part with the stick he left the bench with. But he reaches back to grab what looks like a spare resting against the wall of the bench, and hands it to the little tyke. 

The kid's mouth flies open into an 'O' the size of a hockey puck. At last, the boy is silent, but we can guess what he's thinking. 

"Stick! Stick! Stick! Stick!"

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