Punk-kid bicycle thieves caught on tape [VIDEO]

This kid left his brandy, but got a stolen bike.
This kid left his brandy, but got a stolen bike.

Frustrated that her 10-year-old's BMX bike was stolen, and likely gone for good, an Inver Grove Heights mom has taken to Youtube to vent her frustration -- and to show the faces of the two little punks who stole it.

Kathy Anderson is pretty ruthless toward her son's thieves, calling them "2 idiots" in the video's description, and noting that the hoodlums "left their half bottle of brandy on my neighbors [sic] patio before riding off."

"I'm sure we will never see the bike again," she wrote, "but I can only hope parents of these 2 morons see this."

Okay, so Anderson, who shared her story with the Inver Grove Heights Patch site, is a little heated. But, as a message at the video's opening hammers home, she bought this thing for her 10-year-old kid  -- who's pictured riding the BMX bike in full gear -- and now someone else has it.

The theft apparently took place on August 31, but nearly didn't take place at all. As seen on the tape, the two thieves seem a bit reluctant to even pull off their crime. But, from the moment the one in the University of Minnesota sweatshirt -- branding! -- gets his hands on the bike, he's gone in a flash.

This is a reminder of two things: First, a bike is easy to steal because it is its own getaway vehicle. And second: Do not steal said bike from Kathy Anderson of Inver Grove Heights, unless you want to wind up getting called a "moron" on Youtube.

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