Pug from hell climbs pile of items, pees on electrical outlet, starts house fire in Chaska

Is this the face of an arsonist?

Is this the face of an arsonist?

Think dogs are man's best friend? This Chaska pug sounds more like his or her owner's worst enemy.

Last week, Chaska firefighters responded to a house fire. Thankfully, the blaze was quickly extinguished, and an investigation into the fire's cause commenced.

WCCO reports that investigators noticed a strong urine scent emanating from a power outlet, but it initially appeared the outlet was too high off the ground for a dog to whiz on it.

[jump] But closer inspection revealed that the devious dog probably climbed atop a pile of items on the floor nearby, then caused the fire by lifting its leg and heeding nature's call all over the outlet. Pugs are known for their cute, wrinkly mugs, but don't let that fool you -- they are clearly capable of treachery as well.

It isn't known how much damage the house sustained, nor have authorities given word as to the health of the pug. But for the owner's safety and well-being, perhaps a trip to doggy purgatory for the pug from hell wouldn't have been the worst outcome.

If the pug is okay and the owner will still have him or her, they'll just have to make sure not to leave piles of items near electrical outlets. Of course, if the dog is smart enough to realize that soaking an electrical outlet in pee will start a fire, it's only a matter of time before it devises another plan to make its owner's life miserable.